Varsity B

Dear Former Bronco,
I hope this letter finds you well. As a former Bronco student-athlete, band member, cheer squad member, maneline dancer, support staff, or parent of a student athlete, we would like to thank you for what you have done for Boise State.

Your efforts during your time at Boise State did not go unnoticed. In my efforts to make sure you maintain a connection and feel appreciated by the Boise State athletic department, I am extending you an invitation to join the Varsity B club.
The Varsity B was established as Boise State’s athletic department alumni association. The last two years the Varsity B has grown to almost 200 members because all former Broncos who have joined, feel it is important to have a connection, and enjoy a continued association with Bronco Athletics.

Receiving Varsity B news and the opportunity to meet and help some of our current student athletes, have been some of the best parts of being a Varsity B member. It is very simple. Click on the REQUEST INFORMATION link and I will send you a Varsity B membership form.  I am confident you will find the Varsity B as an excellent way to see how far Boise State athletics has come since your days as a Bronco.

Here are the benefits:
Two or more tickets to special “Varsity B Days” at the gym, arena or stadium
10% discount on Bronco Gear at BSU bookstore
Access to special Varsity B merchandise
Invitation to special Varsity B sponsored events
Fall and Spring Varsity B Newsletter

Take the step; join the Varsity B; be part of the growing movement of former Broncos who are recognized as extraordinary individuals for having contributed to the Boise State athletic legacy.

Best regards,
Michel Bourgeau
Varsity B Coordinator



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