Gift Opportunities

Bronco Athletics benefit from the generosity of committed alumni, community members, parents and friends who have included the athletic program in their charitable giving and financial planning.


Contributors can gift to Bronco Athletics in various amounts, for numerous reasons, and in many forms. The programs and gifting opportunities currently available are presented below. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Bronco Athletic Association at (208) 426-3556 or



Annual Membership

The Bronco Athletic Association raises funds annually through its membership program. These monies are used to fund scholarships for student-athletes who attend Boise State University.


In 2009-10, the Association had over 4,000 members who generated $2,221,256 in membership dues.  Our membership levels range from $75 to $1,750.  If football or men's basketball seats are associated with your membership, 80 percent of the membership may be deductible as a charitable gift, according to the Internal Revenue Service Code, Section 170 (m). It is always prudent to consult with your tax advisor when determining the deductibility of any gifts.

For additional information on gift clubs and membership benefits, visit our Membership Benefits page. To join the Bronco Athletic Association complete and submit the Membership Application or contact Kris Kamann, Bronco Athletic Association Associate Director at (208) 426-1353 or by e-mail at



Athletic Scholarship Endowment

By establishing your Athletic Scholarship Endowment you provide the necessary funds to assist in underwriting the cost of tuition, fees, books, housing, meals and insurance for deserving Boise State University student-athletes.  An Athletic Scholarship Endowment provides hope and opportunity for generations to come.  They are truly gifts that last forever!


Under this program a donor can establish their own scholarship endowment account for the Broncos. The minimum for an endowment at Boise State University is $10,000.


As a Bronco Associate for Athletic Excellence member, with a fund of $10,000 or more, you will receive the following benefits:

  • A gift of $5,000, payable over five years, qualifies you for a one time $5,000 matching opportunity.
  • An invitation to the annual Bronco Associates for Athletic Excellence Scholarship Banquet, attended by student-athletes and scholarship donors.
  • Photo recognition in the Allen Noble Hall of Fame Gallery to you, your family, or business.
  • Prominent listing in Bronco football and basketball home game programs.
  • Recognition in the Bronco Athletic Association Insider newsletter.
  • Semi-annual reports on the status of your Endowment account.
  • The knowledge that your gift will provide educational opportunities for Boise State University student-athletes in perpetuity.


Portraits are located based upon the following gifting categories:

  • Blue & Orange Associates ($10,000 & above)
  • Collegiate Associates ($25,000 & above)
  • All-Conference Associates ($50,000 & above)
  • All-American Associates ($100,000 & above)
  • Lyle H. Smith Associates ($300,000 & above*)

* Annually adjusted based upon the cost of a scholarship, investment and payout policies.

For additional information, contact Bob Madden (208-426-3557/, Kris Kamann (208-426-1353/ or Michel Bourgeau (208-426-5440/



Capitol Projects

Currently, the Bronco Athletic Association is soliciting Bricks and Mortar monies for the Men's and Women's Basketball Locker Room Facility, the Dona Larsen Park/Track Complex (the former East Junior High site), and the next expansion of Bronco Stadium.


For years the Association has helped solicit funds for bricks and mortar projects such as the Taco Bell Arena, Bronco Stadium Expansion, Caven-Williams Sports Complex and the renovation and purchase of the Bronco Football Complex.


For more information or to be contacted about gifting opportunities, contact Bob Madden (208-426-3557/, Kris Kamann (208-426-1353/ or Michel Bourgeau (208-426-5440/



Sport Enhancements

The Association has established an account for each varsity sport sponsored by Boise State University where gifts to an individual sport are deposited.  These accounts are called Bronco Enhancement Funds.  By gifting to the Bronco Enhancement Funds, your designated gift will benefit the sport(s) that you prefer and will be used to supplement their budget(s).  Gifts to Bronco Enhancement Funds cannot be used to replace current Association membership requirements for priority seating.


All of our sports have items they would like to have but must do without because we do not have the funds available to provide them. These needs include additional money for equipment, salaries, summer school, the training room, travel, video equipment, and the weight room.


If you wish to contribute to one or more of these areas please make your check payable to the sport(s) program of your choice, earmark it for the area of need (i.e. summer school) and mail it to:

Bronco Athletic Association
Boise State University
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725


Your gift will be processed by the Athletic Association staff and deposited into the respective sport's account(s) as identified by you and will be earmarked for the area noted on our check. The Boise State University Foundation will receipt your gift. For tax purposes you should consult with your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of your gift.


For more information or to be contacted about gifting opportunities, contact Bob Madden (208-426-3557/, Kris Kamann (208-426-1353/ or Michel Bourgeau (208-426-5440/


The sports offered by Boise State University are the following:



Cross Country



Indoor Track & Field

Outdoor Track & Field






Cross Country



Indoor Track & Field

Outdoor Track & Field



Swimming & Diving





Planned Giving

Through the use of many types of deferred-giving vehicles, such as will bequests, trusts, life insurance policies, and gifts of appreciated assets, donors can ensure the future excellence of the Broncos and benefit themselves and their heirs. Contributors of these types of gifts are identified on the "Leave a Footprint for the Future" horseshoe located in the Allen Noble Hall of Fame Gallery.


Certain planned gifts may provide a life income for the donor(s) and still provide future support for their loved ones and the Broncos. In addition, through various planned giving programs a donor can plan their estate to increase their present or future income, provide for the donors retirement, obtain an immediate income tax deduction and reduce the donor's estate taxes.


For additional information, contact Bob Madden at (208) 426-3557 or by e-mail at

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