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Payment Plans

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Additional Seats/Locations Changes for Season Football Ticket Holders

Season ticket holders requesting a location change or additional seats who renew by the April 19th deadline will receive an invitation to the Seat Selection Day.  Appointment times will be prioritized by donor level and the date you pay for your football season tickets. Please note if you are paying online you must call the Athletic Ticket Office at (208)426-4737 to request a location change.  If you are on a payment plan and requesting additional seats or a location change you will not receive an invitation.  You will be contacted by the Athletic Ticket Office by the end of June to move, or add seats to your account.

Downgrading Your Season Football Tickets

If you would like to downgrade your season tickets, please contact the Athletic Ticket Office at (208)426-4737 to be put on the downgrade list.

Away Games

Season ticket holders will be able to place orders for ALL away games during the regular season football renewal process. 

-Tickets go on sale to season ticket holders June 1.

-All games go on sale at the same time.

-Tickets go on sale to general public July 7th.

-All pricess and restrictions are posted on idahotickets.com.

-Georgia specifics: You can buy up to as many tickets as season tickers you have (1-1 ratio) then will be put on a season ticket holder waiting list for additional requests. Those requests will be filled before tickets go on sale to the general public.

-Click here for the Georgia game seating chart.


Click here for allocation procedures for away games.a
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