Q. How many girls usually tryout each year?

A. It depends. All the girls on the team have to tryout each year. In the past we have ranged from 40-70.

Q. What do I need to bring to the audition?

A. You need to bring your application filled out with proof of insurance from your parents. Also you need to bring dance attire to practice and audition in. Black for the audition and a sports top is recommended along with dance shorts or dance pants. The dance clothes need to fit the body. The girls are allowed to wear a pair of baggy pants over their dance clothes when they do the hip hop portion of the audition. They need to bring jazz shoes and tennis shoes for the hip hop routine.

Q. How many openings are there on the team?

A. It varies, the returning members do have to audition each year and our squad ranges from 16 to 20 dancers.

Q. What kind of routines does the team do?

A. The team is a very versatile group and they perform for a variety of audiences. Routines each year would include hip hop, jazz, kick, pom, short sideline dances with the band, and parade routines during a Bowl game, fight song and special performances for different events that require a special type of routine.

Q. Do the freshman dancers receive scholarships?

A. Yes, everyone that is eligible receives a scholarship. They must carry 12 credits and have a GPA of 2.8. The amount varies as to how many are on the team, the ages of members on the team and if the cost of tuition goes up each year. On an average a first year member would receive around $800 per semester for the year. It could be more or less.

Q. How long do the auditions last?

A. The actual audition starts around 10:30 a.m. on Saturday morning and can go until 5:00 p.m. There is a mandatory meeting right after the announcement of the new team is made that every girl must attend. This meeting usually takes about 30 min.

Q. Is it an open audition?

A. Yes, people can watch, but there is limited seating. It is necessary for the audience to sit where they are told and we can cut it off if there are too many people. We usually set up around 50 chairs in the studio and have another 25 that want to sit n the floor or stand. We try to accommodate everyone.

Q. What kind of dance experience is needed, do they have to have been on a dance team?

A. Obviously we want girls that have had dance training. It is not necessary for a girl to have been on a high school team. At the auditions they not only learn several different styles of dances but they do technique across the floor that will include leaps, turns, kicks etc.

Q. What if a girl can't come to the audition, can she still tryout?

A. Yes, although it is best to come and audition in person, we do accept a DVD or Video tape for the audition. It has to be very specific as to what is on it and it is best to email me directly for those directions. jstevens@boisestate.edu . The audition video needs to be in my hands by the day the clinic begins. After the judges see the participants do all the required routines, they retire to a room and look at the video tapes to be considered for the team

Q. How far is the school from the airport and are there hotels that are close?

A. The airport is maybe 3-5 miles away from the school and there are hotels that are within a ½ mile from the school. Most hotels have shuttles also.

Q. When do the participants find out if make the team?

A. A letter is given to each participant and they open it and find out if they have made the team or not. They know their status before they leave the building.

Q. Do they tryout alone?

A. No, we usually have them in groups of 4 and we do it alphabetical.

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