When Are Tryouts for Next Year?

See Tryout Information.

Can I tryout by Video?

Only as a last resort. We highly recommend trying out in person, as videos sometimes do not give judges a great sense of a cheerleader's ability and personality. Video tryouts should only be done by those who simply have no way to attend the actual tryouts. Video tryouts will only be considered if there are still spots left after the live tryout. At tryouts, if a video applicant is tied with an applicant who is in attendance, the applicant in attendance receives priority. Please send videos to Boise State University, Att: Cheerleading , 1910 University Drive Boise, ID 83725-1561

What skills do I need in order to tryout?

Personal Interview
Fight Song with Standing Tuck and Stunt
Sideline with Standing Tuck
*All females trying out for Co-Ed or want to be considered a top girl for All-Girl must perform a Back Tuck Basket

Minimum Requirements for Everyone
Standing Tuck
Standing Back Handspring Tuck
Toe Touch Tuck
Round Off Back Handspring Layout
Optional Tumbling Pass

Orange Squad (Coed) Stunting Requirements
Toss Extension Full Down Cradle
Toss Hands Liberty Full Down Cradle
Optional Stunt

Blue Squad (All-Girl) Stunting Requirements
Heel Stretch Full Down Cradle
Full Up to Liberty Full Down Cradle
Optional Stunt

How many cheerleaders are on the team?

The Boise State Cheerleading Squad size fluctuates from year to year based upon the tryout pool. We will have a Co-Ed and All-Girl squad.  We will take up to 10 Males and 10 females for the Co-Ed squad.  Females for the Co-Ed squad will be determined by the number of males that make it.  For example, if we only have 8 males that make it then 8 females will make it.  We will take up to 24 females for All-Girl squad depending on the tryout pool.  For example, if 30 females tryout and only 20 have the requirements, we will take 20 and choose 4 as alternates. If we have a large number of talented applicants at tryouts we will take them. If we do not have talent pool at tryouts, we opt for a smaller team under the ultimate goal of having a small but excellent team. Often, the decision on team size is determined during the judging process at tryouts.

Do Veteran Members of the Team Tryout Every Year? Are They Guaranteed to Make Next Year's Team?

Veteran Members must try out like all other candidates. Everyone walks into tryouts at the same level.  Once you begin to perform is where you separate yourself.

Does Boise State Have Weight Limits?

The Boise State Cheerleading Program promotes healthy and physically fit athletes.  Due to the rigorous nature of Cheerleading it requires great strength, endurance, flexibility, and body awareness.  You must be a fit person in order to perform all of the functions of this activity. The Boise State Cheerleading Program wants strong cheerleaders. We promote a healthy lifestyle and body weight is essential for all athletic activities, including cheerleading. A healthy body weight is different for everyone. Being overweight or underweight is not healthy and both conditions reduce cheerleading capacity and reduce an applicant's chances for making the team simply because we require athletic individuals.

Do All Women have to be a Top Person?

If you are trying out for the Co-Ed squad, the answer is yes.  All Females on the Co-Ed squad must know how to top co-ed partner stunts.  For All-Girl the answer is no.  We have other positions such as main base, secondary base, and backspot for those who are not experience in Topping. However, don't limit yourself. Most applicants who ask this question have only basing experience, so it is important to note that women who have had only base experience are often strong middle tiers in 2 and 1/2 high pyramids (college pyramids can be 2 and 1/2 high). This is a position that must be filled on a collegiate team, so don't necessarily limit yourself to only basing, but don't worry if that is all you are able to do. Many great bronco cheerleaders were only bases in high school.

Do I have to be able to Tumble?

Tumbling is a significant part of modern Cheerleading. Currently, all males and females are required to do a standing back tuck along with other tumbling skills.  Please see tryout information for requirements. If you have never tumbled, try outs is not the place to learn these skills or attempt something new. If you are athletic and strong, ample time at a local tumbling gym can reap a standing back tuck. Those who have never tumbled or come from non-tumbling schools should be proactive to achieve these minimum standards by putting forth the effort early enough to come to tryouts prepared. A person who shows up without these minimum requirements does not demonstrate a willingness to work hard to make a certain goal, or is not strong enough to see it through.

Can I make the team if I've never co-ed partner stunted?

Yes. We have a Blue Squad, which would be the All-Girl stunts.  This would be something you should look at and maybe take that year to get better at your stunting skills to venture into Co-Ed partner stunting.

What are Tryouts Like?

Tryouts start on a Friday evening. On Friday, all applicants will be interviewed, photographed, and perform all of the required tumbling along with optional tumbling.  We will break for dinner.  After dinner first cut will be posted on the doors.  If your number is on the door you are welcome to continue on with the tryout process.  If your number is not on the door you may leave at that time as you have not made it passed that portion of tryouts.  Once you re-enter you will learn the fight song (words and motions), the sideline, and the cheer. Then the women split into two groups, those trying out for Blue Squad, and those trying out for Orange Squad.   If you are Trying out for both you will be given an opportunity to practice with your partner or stunt group at another time. We will go over the Fight song and cheer a few times with your stunt groups and then we will break for the night.  The clinic continues on Saturday, you will be photographed and perform the fight song, sideline, and cheer with your stunt group and then with the entire group.  We will then break for lunch and upon your return we will have numbers posted on the door for those who are welcome to continue on with the tryout. For the afternoon we will be going over partner and group stunts with your stunt groups.  We will also go over baskets. We will then break for Dinner and upon return there will be numbers posted on the doors for those who are welcome to continue on with the tryout process.  For the evening this is your free time to review all material, work with your stunt group and/or partner and ask questions about the program and/or tryouts. Sunday everyone will come in, be photographed and prepare for the tryout. You should dress appropriately-in the tryout attire requirements. Everyone performs the learned material in groups of 3-5, you will also perform the required tumbling passes, stunting skills, and optional tumbling and stunting with these groups as well. After everyone has performed the judges meet, while you all attend lunch. You should expect to wait for a few hours while the judges move through their score sheets. During this time applicants may be called back to perform again. Once we have made our final decision we will call everyone in and pass out letters.  If you were not selected for one of our teams it will say so in your letter and give you some things to work on for next year's tryout.  If you were selected it will state what team you were selected for, what time our first team meeting will be, and some things you need to work on for the summer.

At our first "team meeting" new members will receive administrative paperwork, team rules, be sized for clothing/uniforms, and be asked to give a $100 non-refundable deposit for cheer camp (this helps us confirm your commitment to the team).

Do I have to buy my own uniform?

No. Uniforms, practice clothes, warm-ups, shoes, pom-poms, megaphones, are all provided. You may be asked to buy personal items such as briefs, socks, etc. We strive to cover as many cost   as possible, but may not always be able to.

Does Boise State Award Scholarships ?

Like most cheerleading programs, the Boise State Cheerleaders have a very limited budget. Eligible first year members usually receive around $300 per semester. The total scholarship budget is divided among eligible members. The final amount is determined once the team is chosen and the number of eligible members is known. Veterans receive more scholarship money based on seniority.

We are working on ways to improve this situation. However, money is limited, and it is not likely that significant changes will occur rapidly.

How Can I prepare for Tryouts ?

Visit our new "How to Prepare for Tryouts" page.

What is the Time Commitment?

Being a bronco cheerleader requires a great deal of time. During the school year, the team practices 2 hours a day 5 days a week. In addition, we have games on roughly the following frequency.

  • Football: 6 or 7 home games through the fall. All members cheer all home games. Football games consume about 8 hours of your time. This does not include travel opportunities or a bowl game.
  • Volleyball: 12 - 14 games through the fall. We divide into 4 or 5 teams so each member has about 3 games through the fall.
  • Soccer: 2-4 games through the fall. The volleyball squads also divide these up. Each person usually has one soccer game
  • Basketball: 16-18 games in the winter and early spring for both men's and women's basketball. All members cheer all men's games. Generally, there are 2 games every other week or 1 game every week (depending on how the Conference schedules games) for each basketball team. The team splits into two squads for most women's basketball. The entire team will perform at "big" women's games and the women's games prior to nationals (to perform our routine). Generally, members will have 2 games every week during basketball season. Some weeks they might have 1 or 3.
  • Gymnastics: The team will usually have a quick performance at 2-3 gymnastics meets a year. Since gymnastics starts just prior to nationals, the team usually uses this time to showcase their nationals routine.
  • Civic Appearances: The team is often requested to perform at government or Boise State events such as building dedications, booster luncheons, charity events, etc. There are probably fifteen of these over the year. Not everyone performs at all these events, but we try to "split" the work fairly evenly. Some of these functions reward the performers with contributions to their nationals accounts.

In addition, Bronco cheerleaders can expect to have a shortened winter break. They will usually lose 3 or 4 days of the break to a bowl game and they will lose a week for nationals practice.

What's it like to be a Bronco Cheerleader?

It might seem glamorous to be a Bronco Cheerleader, but cheerleading is very time consuming and hard work. Bronco cheerleaders cheer for football, volleyball, some soccer and men's and women's basketball. We also perform at occasional gymnastics and wrestling meets. This translates to 2-5 commitments per week on top of our standard 10 hours of practice. Cheerleading will consume at least 15 hours of your week and sometimes more. The cheerleading season is longer than most, spanning mid- Summer to Spring. During the holiday season cheerleaders can count on losing part of the winter break to a Football bowl game and practices for Nationals. Bronco Cheerleaders are responsible for commitments in the community and to the school because we represent the university.
At the same time, being a Bronco is great fun. The team is close-knit and there is no comparison to leading a stadium of 30,000 fans in our classic cheer "Booooooiseeeeee .......Staaaaaaaate." It is also satisfying to hit a pyramid or stunt sequence after hours of work. As with any activity, there are peaks and valleys and the experience is what members make of it. Hard work and good attitudes lead to success and satisfaction to carry everyone through the valleys.

If you'd like to see the pictures of the team in action, visit the photo album.

Does Boise State Compete? If so, Where? How well has the team done?

The Boise State Cheerleading program is building itself as a competitive team. The team has competed 6 times at USA Collegiate nationals in the last 7 years:

  • 2011: TBA
  • 2009: 3rd place
  • 2007: 2nd place
  • 2006: 4th place
  • 2005: 4th place
  • 2004: did not compete

2003: 8th place If everyone wishes to compete (or enough people to comprise a complete competition squad) then members are committing to extra practices, a reduced winter break, and raising money to travel to the competition (the school will not fund outside competition).

In the past the team has competed at USA Collegiate Nationals. From now on we will be going to UCA Collegiate Nationals in Orlando, Florida. It takes a lot of hard work, long hours, and dedication to compete at this competition but I know you all have the talent and drive to do it!

Do the Boise State Cheerleaders Travel?

Yes. There is a Travel Team tryout for football season, Bowl game, and Basketball tournament play.  12 Members will be chosen.  There will be 4 Males and 4 Females from Orange Squad and 4 Females from Blue Squad. You also travel to UCA Collegiate camp and Nationals.

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