2012-13 Boise State Mane Line Dancers

From Director Julie Stevens:

Thank you for your interest in the Boise State University Mane Line Dancers and for visiting our web site. We have an incredible group of young women this year who are passionate about dance and are very proud to wear the Boise State colors. They devote much of their time to their studies and our program here at Boise State and I am extremely proud of them.

Each year we have new dancers who become part of our Mane Line family, with fresh new talent and a desire to be part of a winning tradition while furthering their education here at Boise State University. Their success has a lot to do with their hard work, dedication and support from family and friends like you. We welcome you to view our web site and learn more about the Boise State University Mane Line Dancers and we hope you will become a strong supporter of the program if you are not already one.

Julie Stevens
Boise State University
Boise State University Mane Line Dancers


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