2012-13 Boise State Cheerleaders

The cheerleading and mascot program at Boise State University, guided by Coach Christina Moore is one synonymous with the words integrity and excellence.  It also accentuates the striving for and maintaining a high level of performance and image.  These characteristics are expected at all times by all Boise State cheerleaders and mascots.  Members of the Boise State spirit program also serve as ambassadors for the university.  They help to promote school pride, display school spirit, enhance morale, and encourage school participation at all levels.  The preparation, training, pep rallies and game duties can be demanding.  Members are expected to not only attend regular scheduled practices and games, but summer camp and all other scheduled activities as well.  While the majority of the time is spent developing and learning new skills, a proportionate amount is spent in workshops focused on etiquette, public speaking, proper grooming, personal hygiene, and learning about the history of Boise State to include the Alma Mata, fight song, and who's who within the administration to name a few.  

Practice is not to be taken lightly.  Members of the squad start their day at 6:00 am and end around 11:00 pm daily during the summer.  When classes resume, practice is held every day of the week.  We have some 6am practices and mid-day practices as well.

Boise State has two cheer squads and Buster, the Boise State mascot.  One squad is the Boise Squad (Co-Ed) and the other is the State Squad (All-Girl). Both squads cheer at all home football games.  We break off into 3 smaller squads, Blue, Orange, and White, to cover our volleyball, soccer, Men's and Women's basketball games.  Members of the Boise State cheer squad are well rounded and have, or make time for outside interest.  Some members have jobs and others are active in sorority and fraternity or other organizations on campus.  Community involvement and volunteer services are expected of all members in order to help build their character, broaden their knowledge and instill the importance of giving to others.  Regardless of the demand called for by being a member of the squad and other campus involvement, all members of the Boise State cheer squad must maintain a 2.5 or better cumulative average.  Boise State cheer squad will be starting a new tradition this year.  We will be working with youth cheerleaders to create the Little Broncos.  The Little Broncos cheerleaders are already developing fundamentals and performance skills to prepare them to become future Bronco squad members.  The Little Broncos perform at 1 half-time for a Men's and Women's basketball game.   They may also be asked to participate in parades and other special appearances alongside the Boise State Cheerleaders.

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