SSC Parking

Stueckle Sky Center Event Parking

Event parking is available and recommended for you and your guests.  Individual permits and lot reservations are available.  The cost of these options will be based on the type of sponsoring organization and the event.  Parking requests must be arranged directly through Transportation and Parking Services a minimum of two weeks prior to your event.  It is recommended that you contact Transportation and Parking Services regarding parking availability prior to confirming your event date with the Stueckle Sky Center.  Requests are approved first-come, first-served, based on space available. 

To make your parking arrangements please contact:

Transportation Department


Event Line:   208-426-4327     

FaX Line:       208-426-3343     


Event parking requests are to be submitted directly through the Transportation Department's website. 

Please visit, the forms are located on the left menu.

Event Parking Fee Structure

Non-University Sponsored Events Parking Lot Fees

$250 per day/per lot/per event

Example:     Holiday Parties, Proms, Weddings, Business Receptions/Dinners

Non-Profit Organizations: 

$50 per day/per lot/per event

Example:     Auction/Dinners, Banquets, Receptions, Fundraisers

University Sponsored Events Parking Lot Fees

$50 - $150 per day/per lot/per event

Example:     Boise State University Colleges and Departments

Visitor/Event Parking by the space

$50 per day/for 60 spaces –  Codes or permits required

$100 per day for 60-149 spaces –  Codes or permits required

$150 for 150 – 249 spaces pending availability (includes no checking of permits/codes)

$200 for 250+ spaces  (includes no checking of permits/codes)

Depending on the size of your event you may be required to have parking attendants which would be an  additional charge.  Customized signs can also be purchased for $25 per sign to help direct your guests. 

Additional Charges:

Supervisor:  $25.60 per hour (mandatory for all staffed events)

Parking Attendant:  $10.47 per hour/per attendant

Equipment:  $35 per day (generic event signs, flagging, cones)

Shuttle Service:  $45 per hour per shuttle (2 hour minimum)
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