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July 6, 2017

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BOISE, Idaho - Boise State Athletics unveiled its expanded BroncoLife program Thursday, a department-wide commitment to focus on the whole person. The program concentrates on three pillars: The Transition into College, Personal Development and Planning for Career.

BroncoLife aims to provide dynamic and impactful programs to develop and empower student-athletes to be positive influencers in their community and to help them reach their full potential in both their college careers and lives after sports.

"The BroncoLife program is critical to our goal of providing the best possible student-athlete experience," said Director of Athletics Curt Apsey. "We are committed to giving our young men and women every opportunity and resource to succeed in college and beyond."

The first year of college can be an adjustment for most student-athletes. Incoming freshmen are introduced to BroncoLife through a summer bridge program, including a three-credit Academic 101 course. The bridge program is designed to help with the transition from high school to college and coaches students towards becoming high level, Division I student-athletes. Effective time management, knowledge of resources, and assessment of individual athletic and academic needs are the main focus of the bridge program. The student-athletes are also able to build communities within their teams and the athletic department so as to create their family away from home.

BroncoLife continues for student-athletes through the ultimate goal of earning a degree and well beyond. In addition to academic achievement, student-athletes are challenged to improve and gain a better understanding of communication skills, leadership qualities, financial responsibility and mental and physical health and wellness. They are also encouraged to be engaged members of the community and find their personal way to give back throughout their lives.

Mentorship programs with alumni in various industries, coupled with hands-on learning opportunities help identify and ignite each student's passions. Resume workshops, networking mixers and internships prepare students to be successful in life after college and sports.

"At Boise State, we want our student-athletes to know that their personal value and ability to contribute goes beyond their athletic ability. They are more than just athletes." said Sara Swanson, Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Development. "The BroncoLife program provides opportunities for them to explore, be challenged and grow as a whole person as they prepare to graduate and move into their careers."

BroncoLife is generously supported by a matching grant from the William Carey Hay Foundation.

Opportunities are endless for members of the Boise and Boise State communities to get involved with the BroncoLife program. To see how you can play a role in helping current Broncos become future leaders, please send an email to

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