Student Rewards - Bronco Points

Bronco Points:

With each designated rewards event attended, students will earn Bronco points. As Bronco points are accumulated,  prize levels are reached. With each new prize level, students will receive a give-away. Additionally, each Fall, winter, and spring sporting season there will be a raffle for an exclusive prize for all students that have reached the (3+ level) during that season.

Bronco points, prizes, events, and bonus credits are subject to change. All prizes and sizes are subject to availability.

How To Earn Bronco Points:

Sport Points
Football 1
Men's Basketball 2
Women's Basketball 2
Volleyball 2
Tennis 2
Wrestling 3
Gymnastics 3
Swimming & Diving 3
Softball 3
Soccer 3
Earn Bronco points by attending designated rewards events. Each event is worth a different amount of Bronco points, depending on the sport. Students receive Bronco points  by swiping their Boise State University Student ID at designated rewards events.

Below are the number of points you can earn for each event:


Up to 10 bonus points can be earned for attending events in the preselected color for that event



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