Student Rewards Rules


■ You must be a registered Boise state student to participate.

■ By participating in the Boise State University student rewards program, students agree to allow the athletic department to publish their names on the program's website.

Bronco Points

■ All members will start at zero (0) Bronco points each year.

■ Individual point totals are cumulative for the academic year

■ Students competing in an athletic event and/or students working at an athletic event CANNOT receive reward points for that event. Students can receive a reward point for events they are not competing in or working at.

■ Bronco points will be updated online weekly.

■ The last day to earn Bronco points for the Grand Prize is: TBA

■ The last day to earn Bronco points for the Rewards Program this year is: TBA

Bonus Bronco Points

■ Up to 10 bonus points can be earned for attending events in the preselected color for that event


■ Tiebreakers for the top point positions are to be determined.

■ Students must show their student ID cards when picking up their rewards

■ Prizes and sizes are subject to availability


■ The Boise State University Athletic Department will designate Rewards ande games

■ Students will receive NO Bronco points for leaving an event and re-entering in attempt to receive double points for that event.

■ NO Bronco points will be awarded to individuals that do not stay at an event for a minimum of 30 minutes.

■ All Bronco points are subject to change

■ All dates and times are subject to change

■ Follow on Twitter, for any updates on date, time, and point changes

■ Check  for up-to-date information and the latest  Bronco point standings

ID Cards

■ Students must present their student ID card at each event in order to receive credit. Fans who forget their cards will not receive Bronco points for that event.

■ Each student is entitled to scan only his/her card.

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