98 Boise State Student-Athletes Earn MW Academic Honors

BOISE, Idaho - The Mountain West announced its 2012 spring academic all-conference team on Tuesday (June 19) placing 98 Boise State student-athletes on the honoree list. The Broncos had the second-most honorees in the league, sitting only behind New Mexico's 108.

Out of the 11 sports recognized on the Mountain West's spring list, Boise State's women's track and field team had the highest number of award winners from any sport at any of the eight schools. The Bronco women's track and field team led the league with 30 honorees.

Boise State's swimming and diving program tallied 19 honorees, men's track and field had 13 and softball totaled 11 during the spring semester. Six additional Bronco teams landed honorees on the MW list, including: women's tennis (6), women's basketball (5), men's tennis (4), women's golf (4), men's basketball (3) and men's golf (3).  

UNLV came in third with 78 honorees, while Colorado State and TCU tied for fourth with 68. Wyoming was sixth with 61 student-athletes, Air Force was seventh with 60 and San Diego State was eighth with 53.

A total of 594 student-athletes from all eight institutions were named to the spring 2012 Academic All-Mountain West team. Spring sports include baseball, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's golf, softball, women's swimming and diving, men's and women's tennis and men's and women's track and field. 

To be eligible for selection, student-athletes must have completed at least one academic term at the member institution while maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better, and be a starter or significant contributor on their athletic team.

Below are the honorees from Boise State, listed by sport:

Men's Basketball (3)
Thomas Bropleh, Junior, 3.11, Finance
Jeff Elorriaga, Junior, 3.11, Finance
Joe Hanstad, Freshman, 3.84, Business

Women's Basketball (5)
Kati Isham, Senior, 3.51, Health Science Studies
Diana Lee, Sophomore, 3.13, Social Science
Lauren Lenhardt, Junior, 3.51, Human Resource Management
Julia Marshall, Junior, 3.18, Psychology
Kinzi Poteet, Junior, 3.71, Communication

Men's Golf (3)
Clayton Kosanovich, Junior, 3.01, Business
Jordan Skyles, Junior, 3.25, Business
Scott Spiewak, Senior, 3.07, Psychology

Women's Golf (4)
Michelle Gooding, Senior, 3.32, Health Science Studies
Lori Harper, Junior, 3.69, Political Science / General Business
Jenna Leurquin, Sophomore, 3.84, Finance-International Business
Hayley Young, Junior, 3.13, Social Science

Softball (11)
Holly Bourke, Junior, 3.12, General Business
Kellie Caplan, Senior, 3.25, General Business
Ashley Collier, Junior, 3.47, English
Katie Engelbrecht, Freshman, 3.95, Marketing
Tara Glover, Sophomore, 3.17, Elementary Education
Jordan Kreiger, Freshman, 3.84, Health Science Studies
Lindsey Nicholson, Freshman, 3.33, Exercise Science
Kelly Sweeney, Senior, 3.04, Mass Communication / Journalism
Mackenzie Whyte, Sophomore, 3.65, Biology
Lela Work, Junior, 3.55, Environmental Studies
Aubray Zell, Senior, 3.32, Mathematics / Secondary Education

Women's Swimming and Diving (19)
Brooke Balogh, Sophomore, 3.74, Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Bottelberghe, Freshman, 3.01, Undeclared
Amber Boucher, Senior, 3.57, Visual Art
Amanda Burnett, Senior, 3.91, MBA
Emily Campbell, Freshman, 3.70, Undeclared
Nicolette Cannon, Freshman, 3.89, Undeclared
Ciera Cortney, Sophomore, 3.87, Health Science Studies
Heather Harper, Freshman, 3.53, Undeclared
Olivia Harrell, Sophomore, 3.42, Health Science Studies
Rachel Heaney, Sophomore, 3.49, Health Science Studies
Stevie Hughey, Junior, 3.49, Health Science Studies
Emily Irvin, Senior, 3.59, Business Management
Sydney Johansen, Freshman, 3.11, Undeclared
Erin Kohlbeck, Freshman, 4.00, Undeclared
Tana Loan, Senior, 3.67, Nursing
Megan Myers, Freshman, 3.59, Undeclared
Stephanie North, Senior, 3.02, Visual Art
Alexandra Pfeiffer, Junior, 3.25, Health Promotions
Christine Raininger, Junior, 3.39, Environmental Studies

Men's Tennis (4)
Andrew Bettles, Sophomore, 3.22, English
Garrett Patton, Freshman, 3.53, Communication
Filipp Pogostkin, Junior, 3.04, Marketing
Scott Sears, Junior, 3.04, Political Science

Women's Tennis (6)
Morgan Basil, Sophomore, 3.51, Political Science
Kaitlyn Brown, Freshman, 3.91, Health Science Studies
Sonia Klamczynska, Senior, 3.42, Psychology
Manuela Pietzuch, Junior, 3.54, Psychology
Marlena Pietzuch, Junior, 3.48, Health Science Studies
Sandy Vo, Sophomore, 3.25, General Business

Men's Track and Field (13)
Aaron Back, Freshman, 3.17, Exercise Science
Nathan Balcirak, Junior, 3.34, Civil Engineering
David Elliott, Freshman, 3.79, Mechanical Engineering
Kurt Felix, Senior, 3.08, Psychology
Jeff Howard, Junior, 3.37, K-12 Physical Education
Tyler June, Senior, 3.37, Health Science
Dusty Klein, Senior, 3.78, Marketing
Trevor Kraychir, Senior, 3.23, Mass Communication / Journalism
Will Lohman, Sophomore, 4.00, Criminal Justice
Justin Malnes, Sophomore, 3.29, Mass Communication / Journalism
Tyler Rackleff, Sophomore, 3.68, Political Science, International Relations
Nick Tatro, Senior, 3.15, Political Science, American Govt & Public Policy
Eetu Viitala, Senior, 3.31, Business Administration, International Business

Women's Track and Field (30)
Sam Alderman, Junior, 3.09, Mass Communication
Yvonne Bennett, Junior, 3.03, Social Science
Jenna Carlson, Sophomore, 3.67, Undeclared
Emily Field, Sophomore, 3.34, Health Science Studies
Mackenzie Flannigan, Sophomore, 3.74, Mass Communication
Emily Funkhouser, Junior, 3.09, Communication
Carly Gerard, Senior, 3.91, Exercise Fitness Evaluation
Hayley Gregoire, Freshman, 3.75, Undeclared
Shea Hanson, Senior, 3.49, Spanish
Shannon Jacobs, Sophomore, 3.35, Communication
Kate Jette, Sophomore, 3.98, Health Science Studies
Debra Johnson, Freshman, 3.37, Undeclared
Sasa Kampic, Senior, 3.21, Communication
Megan Kelley, Freshman, 3.60, Undeclared
Jamie Knapp, Junior, 3.50, Health Science Studies
Lauren Lucas, Sophomore, 3.87, Elementary Education
Erin McLaughlin, Sophomore, 3.69, Communication
Rici Morrill, Sophomore, 3.91, Mechanical Engineering
Tessa Murray, Sophomore, 3.94, Marketing
Paige Orcutt, Senior, 3.65, Elementary Education
Anna Preciado, Freshman, 3.80, Undeclared
Samantha Risa, Sophomore, 3.25, Exercise Fitness Evaluation
Nadine Russell, Senior, 3.13, Mass Communication
Kady Stafford, Junior, 3.42, Psychology
Mattie Stanford, Freshman, 3.36, Undeclared
Cara Strodel, Freshman, 3.65, Undeclared
Taryn Treadway, Sophomore, 3.47, Elementary Education
Marisa VanderMalle, Sophomore, 3.71, Health Science Studies
Andrea Wilson, Junior, 3.19, Health Promotions
Danielle Zehrung, Sophomore, 3.65, Nursing

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