The Loft


Private Rentals

 Bronco Zone  Double R Ranch Room
 The Loft  Skyline Room
 Conference Room  

The Loft
(5th Floor of the Stueckle Sky Center)

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Room Capacity

•    Size: 2,515  square feet
•    Seating: All numbers are approximate
      based on set-up

     •    100 guests for served dinner
     •    100 guests for buffet dinner
     •    150 guests for reception
     •    100 guests for theatre style
     •    65 guests for classroom seating

• Stueckle Sky Center provides tables, chairs and room set-up

• Catering by Classic Fare Catering

• You provide the decorations

Special discounts available for Boise State University Departments, Non-profit Groups and Stueckle Sky Center Patrons. 

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