Donor Parking

Football Parking Maps (2010)

•    2010 BAA Football Parking Map
•    West Stadium Lot (Zone 1)
•    West Stadium Lot (Zone 2)
•    East Stadium Lot
•    North Grass Lot
•    Bronco Circle
•    Denver Lot
•    ES Lot

BAA Members - Football Parking
Due to the construction on the new Norco Building (Dept. of Nursing & University Health Sciences) behind the Student Recreation Center and the shifting of football media to the Manitou Lot, there has been a reduction of nearly 400 parking spaces on campus that were used for BAA “General” permit holders in the past.  Because of this, the Association is no longer able to provide these permits to our members for football game-day.

We apologize for the inconvenience and lost amenity to our members.

The Association does still have the ability to provide “reserved, space parking” for members at the Buckaroo level and higher (with football season tickets), but on a limited basis and in limited lots.  These lots are directly next to Bronco Stadium and across University Drive, directly south of the stadium.  The Association also has the ability to pre-sell “guaranteed” spaces in the Lincoln Parking Garage to members at the Buckaroo level or higher on a limited basis.

Association members at the Wrangler level or higher (with football season tickets) have priority in our parking program.  These members have the opportunity to renew their space based on availability, or will receive preference in any relocation that occurs.

As our university grows structurally and in student population, the Association will be forced to evaluate parking options and rates for our members on a year-by-year basis.

Reserved RV Parking (Football)

RV Parking is available for renewal only to those members that already have an RV space. NO new spaces will be added at this time.

Alternative Football Parking Options

Weekend Football Games
Weeknight Football Games

BAA Members - Men’s Basketball Parking

BAA Basketball

"Lifetime" members received a fuscia parking permit for one of the following locations: East Stadium Lot, Denver Lot and Manitou Lot
"Wrangler, Roughrider & Buckaroo" members received a fuscia parking permit for one of the following locations: East Stadium Lot, Denver Lot and Manitou Lot
"Arena Club & Courtside" members received a orange permit for a portion of the West Stadium Lot and Bronco Circle
"Basketball Coaches Club" members (at the $5,000 giving level) received a blue permit for a portion of the West Stadium Lot
(NOTE: Accessible parking will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis next to Bronco Gym and Taco Bell Arena)

Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl and NCAA Events
Please be advised that Association parking privileges ARE NOT valid at the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl, NCAA Tournaments, and other events on campus. The Association is not responsible for parking for these events. If you have questions about the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl regarding parking or tickets please contact the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl Office at (208) 424-1011. Contact BSU Parking Services at (208) 426-7275 if you have questions regarding parking for other events.

*All reserved numbered spaces, parking structure permits, and RV parking fees are in addition to the Association membership payment. These parking fees require a separate check made out to Association Parking. The fees are not considered a charitable gift. Members who abuse the parking policy will have their parking privileges revoked. Cars with lost, stolen, or duplicated passes will be towed at the owner’s expense. No overnight parking is permitted on campus

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