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Personal development : To support the development of a well-balanced lifestyle for student-athletes, encouraging emotional well-being, leadership, personal growth and decision-making skills.

Sports Nutrition
Fitness and nutrition are major components to peak performance academically, athletically and in daily life.
A registered, licensed dietitian is available to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy upon referral by designated staff.


Name: Hilary Horton-Brown
Degree(s): RD, LD, CPT
Job Title: Nutritionist and Fitness Consultant


Service Provided / Professional Philosophy: I believe that a healthy body, mind and spirit go hand in hand. I am here to help Boise State University students attain that health! Good nutrition is a crucial part of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I am available on campus in a variety of capacities to help students with these lifestyles. My dietetic interns and I provide counseling for students regarding all types of diets and health needs, from general healthy nutrition to more in-depth problems such as diabetes and eating disorders. We are also available to discuss any nutrition questions you may have at weekly Q&A sessions at the Rec Center. I create lectures and seminars on current nutrition issues for all students to attend. I work closely with all of the Boise State athletic teams and coaches, helping athletes to achieve their maximum potential and to improve performance through great nutrition. I have a passion for helping people make their lives healthier in a realistic and fun manner. Being a part of the excellent health care team at BSU is an exciting way for me to share this passion with our students.

Nutrition and Fitness Resources

Sport Specific Resources: Waiting on approval from Hilary.

Health and Wellness

All Boise State Student-Athletes have the opportunity to participate in a variety of wellness programs offered through Health Wellness and Counseling Services.

    Calendar of Wellness Events

    Counseling Services

The Athletic Department works closely with Counseling Services to provide a broad spectrum of counseling, consultative, evaluative, teaching, training and research functions.
Services offered:
    Designated counselor for student-athletes.

    High quality individual and couples counseling services to address psychological, behavioral, social or academic performance difficulties

    Programming focused on the developmental needs of college students to maximize their benefit from the academic environment and experience

    Consultative services to university colleagues to foster an environment supportive of the intellectual, emotional and social development of students

    Assessment services to identify students' needs, appropriate services and referrals to community resources

Student Activities

More than fun and games, Student Activities broadens students' vision through opportunities, programs and services that promote the individual, the leader and the active citizen.
o    Global Expressions
o    MLK
o    Games Center
o    Student Clubs
o    Boise State West Campus
o    Friendly Faces
o    Cultural Center
o    Womens Center

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