Guidelines / Application for Charitable Donations

Guidelines / Application for Charitable Donations & Purchase of Athletic Items

Charitable Donations

The Broncos assist many charities each year with fund-raising efforts through the donation of Bronco game tickets. Due to the large volume of requests received each year, the Broncos have established the following application / policy for all donations and requests to purchase autographed Bronco athletic items:

1. Our program is limited to non-profit organizations and schools (grades K-8) located with the state of Idaho.

2. Boise State cannot provide any form of donation to assist in fundraising activities that benefit high schools (9th -12th grade) or high school activities. High school students are prospective student-athletes and therefore it is a violation for us to donate to these fundraisers.

3. All donation requests must fill out the following online donation form. 

  • All requests will be reviewed for compliance with Boise State, MWC and NCAA regulations. Requests must be approved by the Compliance Office prior to being donated. .
  • All requests must be received at least 30 days prior to the event.
  • Requests will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, with limited availability
  • Due to the high demand for donations/autographs, organizations and charities are limited to one (1) donation/autographed memorabilia per year (July 1-June 30)
  • Past donations made by the Boise State Department of Athletics do not guarantee subsequent donations.
  • All organizations receiving donations/autographs must be registered as a 501c(3) charity or "not-for-profit" entity.
  • All money derived from the item/autograph must go directly to the organization submitting the request.
  • Donations and autographs from the Boise State Department of Athletics, or the proceeds generated from such donations, cannot be used to fundraise for high schools, high school organizations (e.g., student council, band, yearbook club etc.) or a high school charity or educational project. (Please note that a high school is defined as grades 9-12).
  • Items/autographs donated by the Boise State Department of Athletics shall not be sold, auctioned or traded without the expressed written consent of the Department of Athletics.

Important Note:  Completion of this online form does not guarantee that Boise State Athletics will be able to fulfill your request.  In order guarantee that you will receive an item from Boise State you must purchase autographed items as outlined in #4 below.   

Purchase of Athletic Items for Charitable Purposes or Personal Use

  • As an alternative to requesting a donated item, charitable organizations may purchase a designated athletics item to be used to raise money for their registered 501c(3) or "not-for-profit" entity. If an item is purchased for use by a charity (e.g., to be auctioned off to raise money), all guidelines outlined above in 1-3 apply.
  • Boise State fans who are not affiliated with a charitable organization also have the option of purchasing a designated athletic item for their personal use only. Items purchased by individual fans for personal use may not be sold or used in any way to promote a commercial business or entity. If you have questions about the personal use restrictions placed on these items, please contact the Boise State Compliance Office.

4. Requests to purchase autographed items must fill out the attached application below.

*We are currently taking requests for:

  • Autographed helmets $150.00 (reconditioned not new)
  • Autographed footballs $75.00 (not authentic, pre-signed football)

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us at


Donation Request Form

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