53 Bronco Student-Athletes Earn Academic Honors

                BOISE, Idaho - The Mountain West Conference announced its fall 2011 academic all-conference teams today (Jan. 26) and Boise State had the highest total of student-athletes honored among the eight league schools.

                A total of 53 Bronco student-athletes were named to the five different teams that competed during the fall season.  New Mexico and Wyoming had the next highest overall total with 40 each. 

Twenty-four (24) members of the Bronco football team were recognized for their academic success in the classroom, which was also the highest among the conference teams.  Colorado State had the next highest number of football players with 14.

The Bronco women's cross country tied with Air Force, New Mexico and TCU for the most student-athletes earning all-academic honors with each having eight. 

Boise State had the second highest student-athletes named to the women's soccer team with 14.  TCU led the MW with 15. 

Seven Bronco women were named to the volleyball team, which tied Boise State for the second highest number with Colorado State and UNLV.  Wyoming had the most student-athletes named in volleyball with 11.

Boise State did not have any student-athletes named to the men's cross country team.

                In order to qualify for academic all-conference honors, student-athletes must meet the following criteria:

1.       Completed at least one academic semester/quarter at the member institution.

2.       Have a cumulative grade-point-average, at the member institution, of 3.0 or better

3.       Competed in 50 percent of the team's varsity contests.

Following is a list, by sport, of Boise State student-athletes being recognized by the Mountain West for their academic success

Women's Cross Country

Name                                 Class Year            Cum GPA                  Major

Shea Hanson                           Sr.                         3.45                        Spanish

Jamie Knapp                            Jr.                          3.94                        Health Science

Lauren Lucas                           So.                         3.94                        Elementary Education

Erin McLaughlin                     So.                         3.65                        Communication

Erica Morril                              So.                         3.90                        Mechanical Engineering

Tessa Murray                          So.                         3.93                        Marketing

Taryn Treadway                     So.                         3.49                        undecided

Marissa VanderMalle          So.                         3.70                        undecided


Name                                 Class Year            Cum GPA                  Major

Jonathan Brown                    So.                         3.19                        Business

Tyrone Crawford                   Sr.                         3.28                        Communication

Kyle Efaw                                  Sr.                         3.36                        Business

Trevor Harman                       Jr.                          3.24                        Communication

Tyler Jackson                           Jr.                          3.58                        Business

Joe Kellogg                               Jr.                          3.46                        Business

Chandler Koch                        Jr.                          3.66                        Mechanical Engineering

Darren Koontz                        Jr.                          3.17                        Business

Gabe Linehan                          Jr.                          3.40                        Marketing

Ebenezer Makinde               So.                         3.30                        Journalism

Shea McClellin                        Sr.                         3.07                        Communication

Matt Miller                               Fr.                         3.41                        undeclared

Kellen Moore                          Sr.                         3.38                        Kinesiology

Kirby Moore                            So.                         3.77                        Communication

Hazen Moss                             Jr.                          3.09                        Mechanical Engineering

Matt Paradis                           So.                         3.53                        Finance

J.C. Percy                                  Jr.                          3.67                        Economics

Chris Potter                              Jr.                          3.23                        Business

Nate Potter                             Sr.                         4.00                        History

Tyler Shoemaker                   Sr.                         3.34                        Business

Tommy Smith                          Jr.                          3.10                        Social Science

Joe Southwick                        So.                         3.71                        Business

Jamar Taylor                            Jr.                          3.49                        Communication

Aaron Tevis                              Sr.                         3.77                        Finance

Women's Soccer

Name                                 Class Year            Cum GPA                  Major

Elizabeth Harris                       Jr.                          3.01                        Psychology

Lauren Hickok                         Jr.                          3.10                        Physical Education

Ashley Hruby                          So.                         3.32                        Marketing

Janelle Jin                                 Jr.                          3.54                        Health Science

Katilyn Lucas                            Sr.                         3.48                        Health Science

Serena Montoya                   Sr.                         3.54                        Health Science

Mandy Nader                          Jr.                          3.58                        Health Science

Kallie Neimann                       So.                         3.91                        Nursing

Kathryn Oehring                    So.                         3.22                        Health Science

Erica Parks                                Jr.                          3.23                        Psychology

Taylor Lindsay Roberts        Sr.                         3.05                        Marketing

Elizabeth Ruiz                          Sr.                         3.31                        Physical Education

Ashley Walsh                          Sr.                         3.09                        Social Science

Rebekah Wolverton            So.                         3.77                        Health Science


Name                                 Class Year            Cum GPA                  Major

Elizabeth Griffin                     Sr.                         3.17                        Communication

Elizabeth Harden                   Jr.                          3.40                        Accounting

Kristyn Kirschenman            So.                         3.30                        undecided

Breann Nesselhuf                 Sr.                         3.63                        Psychology

Darlene Nwagbuo                 Sr.                         3.10                        Psychology

Amanda Remy                        Sr.                         3.24                        Marketing

Kersti Whitney                        Jr.                          3.00                        Business

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