Autograph Request Policy

Boise State Athletics Autograph Request Policy

Boise State University student-athletes and coaches are willing to sign autographs for Boise State fans of all ages. However, due to several factors, including NCAA legislation and compliance issues, the increased unauthorized use and sale of autographed items, and the volume of requests, the athletic department has followed suit of many other universities across the country and instituted guidelines for obtaining autographs.

Coaches and student-athletes will continue to sign autographs at games, team events, Meet the Broncos events, Fan Appreciation Days, etc. Items signed on these occasions should be personalized (signed specifically to the name of the person requesting the autograph or the name of the person for whom the requester is getting the autograph).

All other autograph requests (e.g., autographs for personal use, autographed items for charitable organization fundraiser etc.) may be obtained by filling out the following donation request form and identifying the desired autograph:  

Please Note:

  • All requests - for personal use and for charitable organizations - will be screened by the Department of Athletics Compliance staff. Requests not permitted by NCAA legislation will be returned.
  • Autographed items cannot be sold or used for fundraising efforts that directly or indirectly benefit students in grades 9-12, prep school or 2-year college prospective student-athletes. Autographed items cannot be provided to a high school, high school coach or staff member. Autographed items cannot be provided to a high school student-athlete or the parents/relatives of a high school student-athlete. Autographed items cannot be provided to a high school booster club.
  • Autographed items cannot be used to promote a commercial business or service and should not be on display in a commercial business.    
  • Boise State Athletics reserves the right to request the return of any item that may appear for sale or is being used in any way that may be considered an NCAA violation.
  • Our student-athletes are at Boise State to study and to participate in their applicable Athletic program.  It may not always be convenient or appropriate for them to sign autographs.  We request that you are respectful of our student-athletes and coaches and their time.  If they are not available or able to sign autographs, please respect their privacy. 

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us at


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