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Extra Benefits & Awards

Extra Benefits
Student-athletes at Boise State University may not receive any tangible benefits not available to the general student-body. Because receipt of an extra benefit will jeopardize the eligibility of a student-athlete, whether the benefit has actually been received, or whether a student-athlete simply believes he or she may have received an extra benefit, a report should be made to the Boise State University Athletics Compliance Office. In turn, our office will do everything possible to keep the eligibility of the student-athlete intact. Some common examples of extra benefits include the following:

  • Special discounts & credits
  • Free or reduced cost(s) for services
  • Use of credit cards or telephones for personal reasons without charge
  • Entertainment services, such as free tickets to a sporting event

Occasional Meals
NCAA bylaws allow coaches and boosters to provide student-athletes with an occasional meal. The rules related to occasional meals vary depending on whether a booster is providing the meal or a Boise State University staff member is providing the meal. Boise State UniversityÕs Athletics Compliance Office defines occasional as being one meal per month. If you wish to provide an occasional meal to a Boise State University student-athlete please contact the Boise State University Athletics Compliance Office to complete the appropriate paperwork and to ensure the meal is in accordance with NCAA rules and regulations.

  • If a Boise State University staff member is providing the meal, the meal must occur within the locale of Boise State University and the staff member may arrange for reasonable transportation to the meal.
  • If a booster is providing the meal, the meal must occur in the boosterÕs home or at a campus facility that is regularly used for home competitions. Boosters may also provide reasonable local transportation to attend an occasional meal, but only if the meal occurs at the boosterÕs home. It is permissible for a booster to have a meal catered.

NCAA Bylaw 16 allows awards to be provided to student-athletes in order to recognize them for outstanding academic or athletic achievement, however, such awards are limited by type and by value. Coaches who intend to give any awards to student-athletes should visit the Boise State University Athletics Compliance Office and complete the appropriate forms in order to ensure such awards meet NCAA guidelines. A student-athletes eligibility may be adversely impacted if he or she receives an award that does not meet NCAA guidelines.

Arrangements for Prospective Student-Athletes
NCAA bylaws allow certain arrangements to be made for prospective student-athletes, however, these arrangements are limited. Generally, an arrangement made for a prospective student-athlete is not a violation of NCAA bylaws as long as the arrangement is one made available to all students at Boise State University. Some common permissible arrangements are listed below. If you have any questions regarding arrangements you would like made for a prospective-student athlete please visit or call the Boise State University Athletics Compliance Office.

Loans to Prospective Student-Athletes
Arrangement of educational loans by an institution for a prospective student-athlete is permitted. However, such loans may not be made prior to completion of the prospective student-athleteÕs senior year of high school and the loans must be from a regular lending agency and based on a regular repayment schedule.

Summer Housing for Prospective Student-Athletes
Boise State University may rent dormitory space to a prospective student-athlete during the summer months at the regular institutional rate. Additionally, off-campus summer housing may be arranged for a prospective student-athlete who has signed a National Letter of Intent and is enrolled in the institutionÕs summer term prior to full-time enrollment or is receiving athletically related financial aid to attend the institutionÕs summer term prior to his or her initial full-time enrollment.

Academic Support Services & Use of Training-Room Facilities
A prospective student-athlete who is enrolled in Boise State UniversityÕs summer term prior to his or her initial, full-time enrollment, may be provided academic support services and may use training-room facilities.

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