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Paper NCAA Amateurism

To remain eligible for NCAA competition, student-athletes are required to maintain amateur status. A student-athlete will lose his/her amateur status, and thus jeopardize his/her eligibility if he/she does any of the following:

  1. Uses his or her athletics skills, either directly or indirectly, for pay in any form in the sport in which he/she competes.
  2. Accepts a promise of pay, even if such pay is to be received following completion of intercollegiate athletics participation.
  3. Signs a contract, or verbally gives a commitment of any kind to play professional athletics, regardless of its legal enforceability.
  4. Receives, directly or indirectly, a salary, reimbursement of expenses, or any other form of financial assistance from a professional sports organization based upon athletics skill or participation, except as permitted by NCAA rules and regulations.
  5. Competes on any professional athletics team and knows (or had reason to know) that the team is a professional athletics team, even if no pay or remuneration for expenses was received.
  6. Enters into a professional draft or an agreement (either written or oral) with an agent or other entity to negotiate a professional contract.

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